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About Us

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Emotions Delivered with Love

When Quality Matters to You

Who we are

We are an innovative and inspired organization who understands the needs and emotions of our customers hence we go above and beyond to ensure that we keep up to their expectations.
Our strong partnerships with various stakeholders, suppliers, farmers is what enable us to deliver world class quality and service to our loyal customers. We strive for excellence and continuous learning and growth. We have an abundance of total gratitude for the continuous support of our customers and suppliers.

Our Values

To enable unlimited opportunities for business growth through service excellence and innovative marketing solutions.

To be a specialist flower and gift delivery company who goes beyond being a business by helping and supporting other businesses and entrepreneurs exceed their business potential and grow their market share through innovation.

Our behaviour model delivers world-class value for us as well as for our customers and partners.

  • Drive and tenacity – We take the initiative and responsibility to go above and beyond with perseverance and determination
  • Greatness and Purpose – We strive for greatness, driven by the aspirations of individuals through their dedication, innovation and excellence.
  • Innovation and Partnership – We strive to be a partner beyond expectations, always seeking innovative solutions.
  • Financial prudence – We conduct our business with an entrepreneurial spirit, always seeking new opportunities to contribute to a healthy, growing economy.
  • Integrity and honesty – We operate with the utmost honesty, ensuring that motivation is always strengthened by uncompromised moral standards
  • Respect – We treat our clients, colleagues and partners with the utmost respect.